Liquid waterproofing

Liquid rubber is an innovative, effective, modern sprayed waterproofing with high rates of strength, elasticity and durability. Other names: seamless sprayed waterproofing, liquid waterproofing.

Seamless sprayable waterproofing can be based on bitumen, polyurethane, rubber and their various combinations.

Liquid waterproofing happens: as one-component and two-component.

One-component is a ready-to-use fluid mass with a large selection of colors (for example: Hyperdesmo®)

Two-component – consists of two components: the main (base) and hardener (catalyst). Black (e.g.: Hyperdesmo® PB-2K)

What is so unique liquid waterproofing

Let’s look at this uniqueness with an example. Imagine, we need to waterproof a flat roof with all the adjoining: to pipes, caps, aerators, antennas, parapets, ledges and everything else that can be on a flat roof.

In this case, after spraying liquid waterproofing, we get a monolithic rubber coating that has no seams, no joints, no overlaps, no mechanical fasteners, with excellent adhesion (adhesion) to most building materials (concrete, metal, stone, wood, polymer-cement mixtures , screeds, old rolled bitumen coatings, etc.). All this cannot be offered to us not by one rolled, deposited material.

In addition, the sprayed liquid waterproofing has high elasticity (which is necessary when the temperature difference is “summer-winter”), resistance to ozone and UV. It is also important that the method of cold application of rubber excludes the use of open fire (burners, cylinders, digesters).

Important! In everyday life, many believe that liquid rubber is all that can be sprayed or spread. In fact, the concept of “liquid rubber” represents a whole class of waterproofing materials, so it is important to know what kind of material in question: name, manufacturer, characteristics, composition, etc. The most famous manufacturers of liquid rubber: Liquid Rubber (Canada), Alchimica (Greece), Vodipren (Italy) and Pazkar (Israel).

In the next article, we will examine in more detail the liquid rubber Hyperdesmo from the company Alchimica (Greece)

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